Monday, March 27, 2006

Afghans 4 Tomorrow Guesthouse (Day 1 Part 3)

Above pic: Sign in front of guesthouse. To learn more about Afghans 4 Tomorrow, visit their website

Above pic: A view of our mornings piling into our vans.

Above pic: The back yard of the guesthouse on a later sunny day.

Above pic: This was the little building that Ceanna and I took a room in.

Above pic: The back yard view from the guesthouse.

Above pic: One of our dining room tables with (l to r) Ceanna, Nancy and Tracy. Notice the little window leading to the kitchen.

Above pic: The little window leading from the dining room to the kitchen and one of our wonderful cooks.

Above pic: The other dining room table with scrumptious food and (l to r) Kristie, Patty and Jen.

Below pic: Naqibullah relaxing in the guesthouse's living room.

Within 25 minutes, we arrived at the Afghans 4 Tomorrow Guesthouse.The neighborhood is modest and consists of local people. I instantly loved this fact (I later find out that because of security issues, many foreign governmental and NGO workers are confined to their compounds and have little access to being among the community). The guesthouse is certainly the nicest building on the unpaved street - in fact, one of the few buildings fully intact. Even the buildings immediately surrounding the guesthouse are either completely in ruin or under reconstruction. The guesthouse is also very secure with high gates and barbed wire. Once inside the gate, it is very comfortable and welcoming. There is a large backyard with fledgling rose bushes planted in neat rows. The inside of the building is simple yet very comfortable - a large living room done up in the Afghan style of cushions and a low table, a dining room and an upstairs with four bedrooms and a bathroom. Around back, there is another small building with two bedrooms and a bathrooom. Ceanna and I took one of these rooms, which was a nice retreat from the crowd. All in all, I was very at ease and felt very at home.

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