Sunday, February 12, 2006

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Blogger kifaya said...

Salam Heather I wish you a wonderful and peaceful journey to Afghanistan.

3:49 PM PST  
Blogger kifaya said...

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3:49 PM PST  
Anonymous Judy B. said...

I know how difficult it can be to keep a blog going from a foreign country. We had that problem in Vietnam this summer, but I'd really like to hear more of your reflections now that you're back.
Particularly, how optimist are you about the country? Is the military presence so very strong all over?

9:17 AM PST  
Blogger JA Huber said...

Hi, Heather. I've enjoyed reading and learning what I missed during the first day! Looking forward to reading more of your impressions.


2:15 PM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

a student sent me some of the pictures you had taken from afghanistan
your angst is profound and sweet

be well,
amir sabzevary, professor of philosophy and religion

10:49 AM PDT  
Blogger 24tango said...

Hi Heather,
"Children are the future", and helping them through assisting the women to help themselves could be the only way that works.


6:34 PM PST  
Blogger M F K said...

Nice work.

3:53 PM PDT  

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