Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Thus begins my reflections of Afghanistan...

I have now returned from Afghanistan. I am left copletely in awe, speechless and inspired. My intentions were to update my blog on a regular basis while in Kabul. I was challenged by this for a few reasons. First of all, the jetlag really took ahold of me, as well as my writing and processing abilities. Second of all, we had a limited amount of time at the internet cafe. Lastly, I was so blown away and emotionally moved by what I was experiencing and seeing that no words seemed to give justice to these most inspiring people and organizations that I was so honored to meet. Afghans are so incredibly active in the reconstruction efforts. It was evident in every moment I was there - from the work of the organizations to the humble man, woman, or child within the community who are relentlessly cleaning and rebuilding neighborhoods. Thus begins my reflections of Afghanistan, for both myself, my friends, and for those who were so generous to support this trip. As the rebuilding of Afghanistan is a slow process, so are the unfolding memories of this short time I spent in Kabul. Throughout the upcoming weeks, I will write and describe as best I can my experience in Kabul, Afghanistan.


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